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    One issue with most folks struggling with mental health and substance abuse is that they live in denial and are scared to admit that they are struggling with addiction. But here is the thing.

    Addictions are psychological disorders that are best managed at addiction treatment centers. So, if you or someone you know is struggling with substance use and co-occurring mental disorders then here are 4 reasons why you/they should get professional help ASAP.

    Treatment Prevents Mental Health and Substance Use from Getting Worse

    Addiction treatment is designed to prevent an addiction from getting worse. You see addictions come with several side effects and symptoms that can threaten your health. For instance, symptoms like persistent headaches, nausea, paranoia, heightened anxiety, and withdrawal symptoms will make your life miserable, if not properly managed.

    They might even get worse over time.

    So as soon as you experience these short-term side effects, we recommend that you get in touch with us regarding drug and alcohol treatment California rehab to overcome your addiction before it gets out of hand.

    Minimize the Long-Term Effects of Addiction

    Short-term side effects are not the only issues that come with addictions. So they come and go within 24 – 48 hours, but what about those effects that stay longer than that? In some cases, longer-lasting effects of addiction like paranoia, anxiety, depression, liver failure, cardiovascular issues, and lung cancer to mention a few, are often irreversible when left untreated. They even get more severe over time, if you don’t get professional help.

    Addiction treatment centers understand that the long-term effects of addictions can negatively affect the quality of life of people struggling with addiction. That is why a lot of co-occurring addiction treatment centers pay close attention to the long-term effects of addiction and they offer co-occurring disorder treatment that will help manage the situation.

    Preserve Your Mental Health

    One of the biggest problems with addiction is that it often leads to mental health issues that stem from substance use and co-occurring mental disorders. The short and long-term side effects of substance abuse often increase the risks of mental health issues that will greatly impair the quality of your life.

    Thankfully, with dual diagnosis addiction treatment at any of the reputable, co-occurring addiction treatment centers near you.

    Repair Your Relationships

    Addiction takes a toll on your relationships. You might even lose some relationships if you don’t get the help that you need. The good news is that addiction treatment can repair any relationships that have been affected by addiction.

    Verify Your Insurance for Treatment Today

    Perhaps you or anyone you know is battling substance addiction and you’ve been looking for where to get help. Our clinic should be the first name on your mind. Our clients testify that we’re among the best rehabs in Southern California and you can rest assured we’ll provide top-notch treatment services in a serene environment. Get in touch with is to verify your insurance for treatment, and you’ll be glad you made the decision.

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