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    Mens Haircuts Near Me

    King Cut Barbershop has built a reputation over the years for offering a unique and modern service to all male residents and visitors to Saskatoon. The great attraction that many find in our beautiful location is that they feel like they are in a second home or meeting place with friends.

    Our goal has been to create a community around our beard trimming and shaving service with experienced and trusted barbers. To be able to make your weekly visit a unique and interchangeable moment.

    If this is your first time looking to book at our facility, we will give you the reasons why you should choose us as your trusted site.

    Why choose us?

    Modern cuts

    One thing that makes a great barber is staying on the cutting edge. Our stylists keep up to date with the latest trends in haircuts and beard care. You’ll be in a cool place.

    The highest standards of excellence

    All of our hand-picked barbers undergo our exhaustive training program to ensure the quality of King Cut. That’s why we have a staff of six professional hairstylists. Protecting a legacy of years.

    Our clients come first

    All of our barbers are dedicated to creating a comfortable experience for everyone. From the person who opens the door for you, to the person who sweeps up the hair that falls on the floor, they will make you feel like you are in a second home. Our entire staff is at your service.

    Unique Experience

    At King Cut, we offer a barbershop experience like no other. We are more than haircuts and shaves. Our passion is to make your weekly grooming a unique and priceless moment.

    Enjoy a drink

    King Cut is a licensed establishment, which means you can have a drink while you get your hair done. King Cut Barbershop can become that break during midday or late afternoon. You can have a beer or a glass of whiskey while you wait your turn.

    Men Serving Men

    We know that for comfort and confidence, men need to be attended by another man in order to be understood in the demand for a good cut and beard care.

    We have years of experience in the market doing our job with passion through generations. In addition, we have the best team of male barbers for aesthetic hair treatments, good products and a comfortable and gentle space that will make you feel welcome every time you walk through our door.

    Plus, you can have a drink while you wait your turn. Where else can you do that?

    Contact us

    Do you need a new cut, are you tired of those old salons with old equipment and people who are not fashionable and don’t understand what you want? Come to King Cut Barber, we are attentive to your call. We offer you a friendly atmosphere, quality products and cutting edge haircuts. We have 15 years of experience in the market with our great team of barbers and hairdressers for men. You can make a reservation through our website or by calling us at 306-986-6061.

    Mens Haircuts Near Me

    King Cut Barbershop

    (306) 986-6061
    3210 Preston Avenue South 20

    Saskatoon SK S7T 1C9 CAMens Haircuts Near Me

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